About BeGeistert

What is BeGeistert?

BeGeistert is an international forum for users, developers and of Haiku which was inspired by BeOS (discontinued in 2001).

Why BeGeistert?

Haiku is attractive, ingenious and powerful. You have to be inspired by that.

Both developers and users are important for the future of Haiku as well as the exchange between them. BeGeistert should provide a forum where users can check out the latest applications and developers can present their products, independent of their stage of development.

Away from the noise of trade fairs or the anonymity of newsgroups, BeGeistert provides the opportunity to discuss things in depth. Because, in spite of the internet and e-mail, personal contact remains the best way to get to know people and to push ideas along.

HUGs (Haiku User Groups) are an important part of the community, because they support users on the spot and pass on the 'Haiku-spirit'. At BeGeistert gatherings they can show themselves to the public and swap experiences.

More information

You can find more in the FAQ.